Easy and effective inventory management in schools – this software Simplentory is:

With Simplentory you know what assets you have, where exactly they are located at the moment, who is using them and what is their condition.


Simplentory was developed per teachers request and with their support in order to meet the inventory management needs of all schools. That led to simple and intuitive UI.


With Simplentory only you and the people authorized by you have access to school's inventory-related information. The encrypted data connection additionally ensures your confidentiality.

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Video tutorials

Take a look at our video tutorials to see how easy it is working with Simplentory


Updated, simplistic workflow, change in education for change in the future - these are the principles that led us during the development of the specialized inventory software for schools – Simplentory. Its creation is our way to contribute to the improvement of education and the learning environment of our children.


We got familiar in detail with the need to shrink administration, reduce paperwork and easily manage inventory in schools. We used our long term experience in creating software for the purposes of administration. We consulted teachers, accountants and employees of educational institutions.


Inventory management software for for schoolsSimplentory is easy to use, effective product that saves you time and helps you take good care of your equipment.