How did the idea for the creation of inventory management software in schools come up

Good education is the grounds of any success, whether personal or public. In most cases, when talking about education reform we focus on the curriculum, the content of textbooks, teaching methods. They, of course, are essential. But there are some seemingly small things that also need to be considered. Such as the equipment management.
We worked together with a Sofia school under a completely different project and one of the teachers shared that the inventory is still described in notebooks with tables. We asked her to tell us more about that - What is the inventory diary for. So was born the idea for creating a software that helps school inventory to be organized and managed quickly, easily and effectively.
We made a study which showed that existing inventory programs for warehouses, shops and major retail outlets are too complex and have functions unnecessary for many schools. This makes them too expensive and virtually useless for the purposes of a school.
We started working on Simplentory with the decision to reproduce the columns of the table from the inventory diary and enrich them with all the extras needed for easy use. Throughout the workflow we consulted teachers. We tested the program several times before its release on the market.
Thanks to it the demand for a certain product is extremely fast, the annual inventory is a matter of a few clicks, the data can be exported in less than a minute and only one look is enough to know where was located last multimedia, for example. We have added additional features such as QR code. With his help the search for items from the repository in chemistry and biology is much easier.
Simplentory is rapidly gaining popularity on the market and we get mostly good reviews for it. Any feedback is extremely important to us because it allows us to make improvements and to enrich the program. We are ready to create additional features on request. It is enough just to contact us to discuss what you need.
We believe that even small changes in education system are important. Simplentory is our contribution to a better and effective education. Use it.
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