Simplentory’s extras or how to use QR code

The good thing of using a software for different types of activities is that it saves time, efforts, money. Of course, it is important to pick the appropriate software for your particular needs and opportunities. A very complex program to monitor the inventory of producers of food and drinks, for example, would lead to chaos in the inventory management in schools. In order to make your everyday life easier and help you save some time for meaningful activities, we created Simplentory. This inventory management program is very easy to use and is extremely effective. Furthermore, there are some extra features that facilitate your life, it allows you to know in less than a minute where is any item in the school and how many items do you have. How is this possible? With a QR code..

What is a QR code?
Generally speaking, these are matrix barcodes that store information (a lot of it). This information can be read by absolutely anyone with a smartphone.

How do you read a QR code?
As we already said, you need a smartphone and a program for reading QR codes (there are many free). You direct the phone screen to the code. The program is activated and redirects you to a site, gives you information about promotions, phones, addresses, depending on what a person implied in this code. That's it.

What is the relation of the QR codes with the software management program?
Simplentory has a function by which you can generate and print multiple QR codes. It is enough to stick one on each item in the school - desks, tables, bottles, blackboards, it does not matter. Whenever you want to get information about any of them, simply direct your phone to it so you know how many items there are in each room. With a few clicks you will be aware of the location of the item at the time, and also who was using it last and who is responsible for it.

The facility is great and it is one of the most used by our current clients.
Try the free demo version of Simplentory and make your inventory management more effective.

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