Check the three sections of the section "Frequently Asked Questions" to find more information about what is Simplentory, how to use it and what is its price. Contact us if you cannot find the information that interests you.

Simplentory is a software product designed specifically for inventory management in schools. Replace the notebook for every room and floor with an easy to use, efficient computer program. In Simplentory you enter all items with a few clicks. You can see at a glance who has taken a particular item for temporary use. Inventory description is easy to make. Our software saves time, nerves, misunderstandings and helps you manage better your school
In Simplentory you create floors, rooms, items and user accounts - everything you need to manage your equipment. The software is developed in collaboration with teachers, accountants. We met the needs and requirements in detail, in order to create a product which is really useful for teachers, schools . Simplentory software has the ability to upgrade and add functionality on demand.
For your convenience, the database for the entire school inventory can be printed quickly and in a convenient format. You can make exports by items and by users. Quick Search or search by QR code also useful and convenient features that save your time. There are all necessary facilities for easy tracking the various items, and making quick revisions.
You register in the program. You create floor, room and then start entering information about the objects in the rooms. (Be sure to specify on which floor is the room.) You can also create user profiles, specifying which user is responsible for certain objects or rooms. Once the database is created, you can find there information you need by search engine or QR code. You generate QR codes, print them and stick them on different items. It is enough to scan the code to find out where and whose the item is. Try the free demo version of Simplentory!

Fill in the registration form, then it and all the necessary data for your school and for the invoice. It will take no more than 5 minutes. We will contact you to discuss how it will be the easiest to get your invoice. That is all. Simplentory is at your disposal. Use it. Enter and register right now. Try our demo version.

The payments for authorization for Simplentory are made by Paypal.
Once you register, fill in the data form necessary for the invoice. Once the document is ready, you can get it by email , as you are more comfortable.
The license to use the inventory management software in schools Simplentory is one year from the date of payment.
We are sure that you will enjoy working with Simplentory and would like to renew your license at the end of the first year paid. This is done by paying by Paypal for a license for another year.

You are satisfied by Simplentory, but you need additional features to make your work easier? Contact us to discuss what you need and we will do it. We will create and implement additional features for our software product quickly. You will be satisfied, and we will have developed Simplentory and we'd be useful again.