Inventory management software for schools Simplentory is an excellent solution for headmasters who want to monitor and control more easily and efficiently each item within their equipment. Get to know the main features and benefits that you have from Simplentory.

Easy to operate

Simplentory is intuitive and really easy to operate. You do not need special training to use it, it is enough to read the menus and the tab captions. The software is in Bulgarian.

Easy export

Only by few clicks you do export of all items in school by rooms or users.


You and your employees, can create floors, rooms, describe the items, find them more easily, and export or print all the information when you need it.

Time saving and easy control over the equipment

With Simplentory you do not waste time filling in data on paper - a few clicks and in less than a minute you have all the information you need. Thanks to the software at any time you know who and what object is being used in their classes and track those items that are temporary used for a short period of time by different teachers.


Inventory management software for schools Simplentory comes with all-year 24-hour maintenance by phone and email. Our team is always available for questions, advice and assistance.

International access

You manage the inventory and track the use of items from anywhere in the world using a PC, laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is an Internet connection.

Try Simplentory – simple solution for managing school inventory


Updated, simplistic workflow, change in education for change in the future - these are the principles that led us during the development of the specialized inventory software for schools - Simplentory. Its creation is our way to contribute to the improvement of education and the environment in which our children learn.


We got familiar in detail with the need to shrink administration, reduce paperwork and easily manage inventory in schools . We used our long term experience in creating software for the purposes of administration. We consulted teachers, accountants and employees of educational institutions.


Inventory management software for for schools Simplentory is easy to use, effective product that saves you time and helps you take good care of your equipment.